Science and Conservation Public Forum

“Raising the Level of Knowledge of the Underwater World”

Focus on marine science, education, and conservation

Doc Edgerton Room

Sunday October 3, 2021

This year’s focus will be on Coral Reef Ecosystems

Details to come


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 Morning Session – Citizen Science Activities

Learn how you can become involved in collecting valid data as a Citizen Scientist.

0930 – Citizen Scientists Monitoring Seagrass Meadows  – Phil Colarusso, U.S. EPA         

1030 – Tools to Identify Organisms and Contribute Observations to Science –Ted Maney, Salem State University

1130REEF Volunteer Fish Survey Project – Uma Mirani, NEADC

Other Citizen Science Activities

  • Coastal CleanupsCoastSweep     CleanSwell
  • Reef Check – Empowering people to save our reefs and oceans
  • Take an Eco Diver or Citizen Scientist Diver Course at your local Dive Store

Afternoon Session

 1:30 – Science in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area: a decade past and future
– Randi Rotjan, Boston University

 2:30 – Seaweed Mariculture as a Tool to Help Protect Coral Reefs
Loretta Roberson, Marine Biological Laboratory

3:30 – Sargassum Invades the Caribbean Sea – George Buckley

 March 10, 2019

Morning Session

 “Hot Times in the Gulf of Maine” – Impacts of Warming 

9:30: Impacts of Climate Change on Seagrasses Phil Colarusso, U.S. EPA

The Blue Carbon Initiative

10:00: Climate Change Effect on Kelps Jarrett Byrnes, UMass Boston

Marine Forests (Citizen Science Site)

iNaturalist (Citizen Science Site)

10:30: Temperature Change Effects On Subtidal Rock Wall Communities In Massachusetts Bay Ted Maney, Salem State

11:00: Harmful Algal Blooms and Climate Change Amy Giannotti, Cambrian Foundation

11:30: The Future of Fishing in a Rapidly Warming Gulf of Maine Marissa McMahan, Manomet

12:00: Climate Change, Rescue Effects And The Unseen Role Of Habitat Variability Brian Helmuth, NEU

Afternoon Session

1:00: Sunscreens & Coral Reefs…A Toxic Mix George Buckley

2:00: Boston Sea Rovers 2018 Summer Internship Report Jake Stout – 2018 Boston Sea Rovers Summer Intern

3:00: Improving Performance in Diving   Giorgio Caramanna WHOI