Marine Science and Conservation Public Forum

“Raising the Level of Knowledge of the Underwater World”

Focus on marine science, education, and conservation

Doc Edgerton Room

Day-long session featuring presentations on

 Citizen Science Activities

Sunday March 8, 2020

iNaturalist – Ted Maney

Citizen Scientists Monitoring Seagrass Meadows  – Phil Colarusso, U.S. EPA

REEF Volunteer Fish Survey Project – Uma Mirani


Previous Forum on Sunday March 10, 2019

Morning Session

 “Hot Times in the Gulf of Maine” – Impacts of Warming 

9:30: Impacts of Climate Change on Seagrasses

Phil Colarusso, U.S. EPA

The Blue Carbon Initiative


10:00: Climate Change Effect on Kelps

Jarrett Byrnes, UMass Boston

Marine Forests (Citizen Science Site)

iNaturalist (Citizen Science Site)


10:30: Temperature Change Effects On Subtidal Rock Wall Communities In Massachusetts Bay

Ted Maney, Salem State


11:00: Harmful Algal Blooms and Climate Change

Amy Giannotti, Cambrian Foundation


11:30: The Future of Fishing in a Rapidly Warming Gulf of Maine

Marissa McMahan, Manomet


12:00: Climate Change, Rescue Effects And The Unseen Role Of Habitat Variability

Brian Helmuth, NEU


Afternoon Session


Sunscreens & Coral Reefs…A Toxic Mix

George Buckley


2:00: Boston Sea Rovers 2018 Summer Internship Report

Jake Stout – 2018 Boston Sea Rovers Summer Intern


3:00: Improving Performance in Diving

Emmett Krupczak and Giorgio Caramanna

Boston Sea Rovers