Letter from the President

How incredible it is to welcome you back to the Boston Sea Rovers for our 68th Annual underwater clinic!

What a journey the last 18 months have been since we were last all together. Who knew that at our last show in March of 2020 we would be about to embark on one of the most emotionally taxing challenges of our generation?

The pandemic has certainly thrown many challenges to our daily lives, and it has changed many things about the way the world works. Digital presentations and conferences have become the “new norm”, and an incredibly digitally focused society has been pushed even further into remote connections. I am a big believer that we, as a society, need personal interaction to be happy and healthy, and that is why I am so excited to join you “In-Person” for our 2021 show. There are only so many zoom presentations one can take; so, I invite you to sit down, take a moment and enjoy the astounding collection of people and information we have gathered for you this year.

We were quite lucky to be the last show before the pandemic, and we are incredibly proud to be the first show back.

Welcome, enjoy, and as always, if you see me around the show, please feel free to say hi!

Nick Fazah
President, Boston Sea Rovers

Boston Sea Rovers
Boston Sea Rovers