Support the Boston Sea Rovers Summer Internship

The Boston Sea Rovers Summer Internship is an important outreach program that gives high school seniors or college freshmen the opportunity to participate in a learning experience of a lifetime. The program is designed to expose a young person to many kinds of careers centered around the ocean. From assisting with college level research to learning underwater photography and videography from pros to taking more dive classes and building valuable in-water experience – the Boston Sea Rovers Summer Internship has already shaped the lives of those that have been selected.

As you can imagine, the cost of travel, meals and other expenses adds up when you create an internship of this magnitude. We have a yearly fundraising goal of ten thousand dollars to support this effort. Some of you may recall that sadly, there was no 2012 internship. Please don’t let this happen again, your support is imperative.

Jake DuvallOn Jake’s Behalf

Recently our beloved member, Jake Duvall, passed away. Jake was a staunch supporter of the internship program. He helped organize and host our yearly fundraiser dinner with his extensive knowledge of wines. His family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Boston Sea Rovers Summer Internship here. Read more about Jake.

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